Transformer Fin Side Seam Welding Machine

1. General Description
Automatic seam welding machine is used to weld the seam of corrugated fins.
The corrugated walls are seam-welded to reinforce the edges.

2. Main Units of Welding Machine:

1) Conveying table

2) Fin positioning &locking system                     

3) Electric control, Schneider Brand

4) PLC control: Mitsubishi Brand      

5) Welding torch: 2 sets, Panasonic Brand

6) Touch screen: Schneider Brand 

3. Specific Technical Data

1) Welding power: 29KW     

2) Welding fin height: 50~400mm

3) Suitable fin width: 300~1300mm

4) Air Pressure: 0.8MPa(User self-provided)

5) Welding system: Panasonic TIG Welder

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