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transformer corrugated tank fin production line

These are related to the transformer corrugated tank fin production line news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in transformer corrugated tank fin production line and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand transformer corrugated tank fin production line market.
  • Recently, we are busy manufacturing our transformer oil tank fin production line ,as our customer push us, we have to make extra time to make it,in the workshop, there are 6 lines, one is ready to make shipment, two line is near to end, the rest are at the beginning of manufacturing,and in the near


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  • Last week, we have customer from India came to our company to inspect their transformer corrugated fin production line,which they placed order to us three months ago, we come to terms with each other and they have great satisfaction with our machine, the next step is to make dispatch, they promise


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  • Today , we make shipment to our Russia customer, we use two containers to load , the machine details are BW1600 transformer corrugated fin forming machine, seam welding machine with bracing rod, spot welding machine , vertical bending machine and auto transfer table, the whole line are full auto


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  • Today we have customers from Kazakhstan visited us, they came to our workshop see the whole running and manufacturing process of transformer corrugated fin forming line,not only this, we also take them to visit our end user and they had a better understanding of our machine,they promise to place o


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  • Right now, we have successfully installed our BW1300 transformer corrugated oil tank fin production line in UZBEK,which including transformer corrugated fin forming machine and seam welding machine, right now, machine is in normal running.Customer is satisfied with our product.


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