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Transformer Robot Welding Machine


The Robot welding machine is used to weld the corrugated fin to the transformer tank automatically, then save labor force.

Including:  a Set of OTC Arc Welding Robot System,a set of single-axis servo manipulator(All of them are exterior axes of robots), four sets of manipulator fixture, a set of electronic control console with relevant Labor Protection and additional equipment,the System Reserves  extension module for upgrading in the future,then realize a robot equipped with two manipulators  to improve efficiency and  better economy.

1.1  Description of Robot System

1.2.1  Three-year warranty for robotic systems

1.2.2  Full English Operating Interface,simple and easy to understand,we can support 6 kinds of language according to customer’s request

1.2.3  Length of radius, can reach 2.006m

1.2.4  High efficiency anti-collision function, welding torch anti-collision sensor, servo anti-collision sensor;

1.2.5  Built-in PLC can save external PLC.

1.2.6  It has the function of notifying periodic overhaul and memory of erroneous resume.

1.2.7  It has the functions of self-blackout protection, blackout memory and automatic anti-sticking wire.

Two   Assembly fixture

2.1    Overview of Assembly Fixture

    The design of assembly fixture for tank in our company has realized combination serialization and standardization.

Three Technical parameters of main equipment

   3.1  Arc Welding Robot System

   3.1.1 FD-B6L Arc Welding Robot System


3.1.3 Welder Technical Parameter

Manufacture:Japan OTC

Welder Type:DM350(C02/MIG/MAG);


Number of phase:Three phase

Frequency:50/60HZ ;

Output current:30〜350A;

Wire feeder

(1)Manufacturer:Japan OTC

(2)Four-wheel wire feeding mechanism :AF-4011

(3)Maximum wire feeding speed:22m/min;

(4)configuration:Robot interface

(5)Suitable for wire diameter:1.2,1.0,0.8,

Welding torch system

(1)Manufacturer:Japan OTC

(2)Water-cooled robot welding gun;

(3)Anti-collision sensor SSB

(4)Another set of spare wire feeding wheels and one wire feeding hose





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